Propaganda for King Kandy

I really enjoyed doing this assignment because of how much flexibility we had to be creative with it. In our propaganda group, the social one, I had the news article to write and was surprised by how much research I ended up putting into it. Working with my group mates, we decided to make our social issue be rebel groups rising up against Candy Land’s rigid class system. I took a lot of inspiration from the antagonists in dystopian shows/movies like the Hunger Games to create a tone for my article. As a group we researched the places and characters in Candy Land and using that I came up with a police force for the news story to report on. Then I spent some time skimming through real front page news articles covering major events—specifically terror attacks since I was making a fake one for our propaganda campaign. Our group’s idea was that an extreme event caused by dissenters would be the perfect opportunity to use the public’s emotion to rally support for King Kandy’s cause, since threats to public safety is an excuse for a dictatorial government to exert more control under the guise of security.