Timeline Reflections

With our recent discussions revolving around misinformation and fake news, I wanted to make my timeline contribution relate to those topics. I decided to do the launching of Alex Jones’ Infowars because I feel that it really represents the negative aspects of the Information Age that we have discussed in class. I also took the History of Conspiracy Theories senior seminar last year so I had some background knowledge on this topic. In terms of research, I had to be really careful because a lot of my search results were pro-Infowars and therefore extremely biased. I feel that Infowars represents the dangers of unregulated information sharing and is a good example of the faults in the Information Age. I’ve made timelines before using Timeline JS, so I didn’t have much trouble generating my contribution. The only issue I ran into was my media image not popping up on the timeline; I believe it has something to do with the format of the link I put in.