Week 5: Class so Far and Morse Code

I’m really looking forward to our discussions on the telegraph and Morse code this week. My existing knowledge of this technology is limited, as I haven’t spend much time studying the period in which it was created. I had no real understanding of how it all works before I watched the videos on Morse code. The part I found most interesting was how Morse code is now considered an audible language as opposed to a written one, since I had generally thought of Morse code as being used for telegraphs and not about how it has developed since its creation.

So far, the thing I’ve enjoyed most about this class is how much we can work in small groups; this is the first class in which I’ve been able to do small group work so much so I was unsure how I would feel about it, but I definitely prefer it for a seminar. My only issue up to this point is getting reacquainted with WordPress for blogging, but I think I’ve gotten the hang of it by now.