Reflecting on 427

What a class this has been! In all honesty, it was not my first choice for my second senior seminar, but I knew from the very first class that my “backup” was the right course for me. I have learned so much over this semester and I can genuinely say that each class session has […]

Timeline Reflections

With our recent discussions revolving around misinformation and fake news, I wanted to make my timeline contribution relate to those topics. I decided to do the launching of Alex Jones’ Infowars because I feel that it really represents the negative aspects of the Information Age that we have discussed in class. I also took the […]

Historical Figure’s Social Media

I chose Johannes Gutenberg for my historical figure because I’ve always been interested in him and his role in spurring on the Reformation. It ended up being difficult for me to find much information on his personal life (childhood, education, activities outside of his work) so it was a bit of a process putting together […]

Propaganda for King Kandy

I really enjoyed doing this assignment because of how much flexibility we had to be creative with it. In our propaganda group, the social one, I had the news article to write and was surprised by how much research I ended up putting into it. Working with my group mates, we decided to make our […]